Waikaremoana Producer and Writer/Director Team

Hineani - b&w stillHineani Melbourne ( Ngāi Tūhoe) of Pounamu Media has been appointed Producer of the Waikaremoana Aho Short film ‘Ukaipo Whenua’ by Writer/Director Kararaina Rangihau (Ngāi Tūhoe).

Hineani says ” I felt that I should have agreed to produce it from the start.  I love the kaupapa.  I love the work………And I’d love to be part of a Tūhoe film!”

The short film chosen for production is ‘Ukaipo Whenua’ by Writer/Director Kararaina Rangihau.  Selected in August 2012 by the Ngāi Tūhoe writers attending the Aho Shorts writing hui led by Karen Sidney, Executive Producer Development in Waikaremoana last year, this will be Kararaina’s second short film.

” It’s wonderful that Hineani is available to be part of Aho Shorts series” says Whetu Fala Executive Producer of the Aho Shorts series ” With her skill and mana in film and television steering this quintessential Tūhoe story of Kararaina’s for the big screen is what this project is all about.”

Planning is underway for filming in the Lake Waikaremoana region.

An initiative of Ngā Aho Whakaari – Māori in Screen Production Aho Shorts series is funded by the NZ Film Commission.

Hineani Melbourne

Hineani is an accomplished producer of film and television. Her work in documentaries, childrens’ programming, drama, Māori language and culture has been screened in NZ cinema, TVNZ and Māori television.

She was the former Managing Director Internal Programming for Māori Television and the Executive Officer for Ngā Aho Whakaari – Māori in Screen Production guild. She runs a weekly radio programme for BBC World and is a published author.

Her producing drama credits include the ground breaking Māori children’s animation series “Moko Toa” and the 2011 short film “Winter Boy.”

Kararaina Rangihau

Kararaina is a Writer/Director based in Waikaremoana. ‘Ukaipo Whenua’ is Kararaina’s second short film. Set firmly in Waikaremoana, central North Island NZ  it is a contemporary tale of what could happen to ancestral inherited land.

Her first film ‘Taku Rakau E’ was produced in 2011 by the late Merata Mita and was selected for screening at the 2012 Matariki Māori Womens’ Festival on Waiheke Island, Hauraki Gulf NZ.