COVID19 letter to whanau (from one of the 5 million foot soldiers)

20 o Paengāwhawha 2020

Te mirumiru 115 /Bubble Number 115

Dearest whanau beyond our 2km radius block,

Today like you all, I rushed away from my work laptop to my desktop in the home office to try and get a picture of me and PM Jacinda as she made her next historic announcement. You can see the results above. People have died in this war against COVID19 and yes, it’ll be ANZAC day come Saturday as PM Jacinda reminded us.

I thought why not put in a poppy picture for rememberance after all, it’s a special endangered poppy, y’know one that’s made here in Aōtearoa.

To be fair, the war in lockdown four Whanganui is going really really well. Not sure if PM Jacinda is going to allow this letter on the virtual highways of NZ to reach you – after all we are in a battlezone – but I hope Whanganui region does get a mention, somewhere.

There’s only 48,000 of us here and as usual, those soldiers in Tamaki with their 1.5 million are getting all the tests, special detention centres and to make it worse, masks that we manufacture right here are being shipped off to them as we speak! PM Jacinda will def. redact that ‘cos there’s a global shortage and we don’t want others finding out Whanganui is the epicentre of mask making in Oceania.

Anyway, our bubble is thriving after your ideas to make sure we get into more of a routine worked a treat. So now we’re only watching Neflix for five days straight (Instead of previously randomly and aimlessly watching them on an ad hoc basis) plus the kitchen is now a ‘no go zone’ …… unless its your turn to cook.

Turns out that throwing out all our cookbooks in the first week and eating out the reserve kai in the second food fridge and freezer in the second week to prove we weren’t all traitorous panic buyers, was a complete waste of time. Now everyone in the bubble in this the third week, is lining up to cook so most of our living area has turned into some kind of marae pantry/kitchen/baking/marinating/growing with a silver service dining table and a takeaway bar attached area.

Those of you that can still afford fibre and can get internet access will have seen my daily supermarket price updates on our bubble FB page, for those of you that haven’t made it out of your nighties or are too busy with the home brewing, get in your car and turn it on (staying in the driveway of course!) to listen to radio. You have to give the cars a rev up anyway unless the nominated shopper also takes the cars out one by one to keep them working. A BIG reminder, make sure the garage door is open before you turn the car on and listen to the radio. Anyhow, there’s this website to report price hikes but if you can get a radio, talkback has you covered.

Everyone in our block has been super on to it, no-one has been on the fence about this.

In the three weeks of Level 4 one neighbour phoned to say he has reported twenty-five incidents of people out walking dogs around the block and failing to take two metres of social distancing, imagine wanting to chat in a war zone. He’s reported every one to the police dobb in special phone line and I think he deserves a medal.

But back to todays’ announcement, our leader, PM Jacinda is sending us all back to the front line till Monday 28 April. That’s seven more days away, then we are to fall back to Level 3 for two weeks. She meets with all the Cabinet generals after that to see if we go back to the front line again. I just hope it all happens before our bubble decides to branch out into gourmet hangi cooking and take over the whole whare for preparations.

Arohanui from Whanganui

Bubble 115

COMMS UPDATES: We are running phone or email contacts only. After three weeks of being tied into zui, skype hui, Google hangouts our bubble sergeant declared a strict nightie, e lavalava, pjamas only battle dress code to get us thru the final frontline week. xxx

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