Maranga ake Aōtearoa

This week, Renae Maihi, filmmaker endured four days of court proceedings against her while Taika Waititi shook up the Oscars with his mihi to tangata whenua of Turtle island. Renae was taken to court by one of the richest people in New Zealand. ‘The millionaire property investor was suing Maihi after she started a petition calling a column he wrote racist, and hate-speech.’ (Meriana Johnson NZ Herald) The case was withdrawn on the fifth day after only one day of Renae Maihis’ evidence.

The case has been well-documented and taking a leaf from Prime Minister Adern book along with the Taika Waititi ‘Give nothing to racism’ campaign I won’t be naming said millionaire property investor either.

It is 25 years since the recclaimation of Māori lands at Pakaitore, Whanganui. At Pakaitore this week, sitting under the ‘kai’ tree listening to the kōrero ebb and flow around me, it seemed unreal that after the sacrifices, the struggles, the education that Māori are providing for all our country, that Māori like Renae are still being tried for speaking up.

Perhaps more poignant is that in the NZ Herald photo above we see yet another generation of Māori and supporters like Davey Salmon (son of Prof. Anne Salmon) Renaes’ defence lawyer and team rallying to support Renae and her kaupapa.

Renae joins Pania Newton at Ihumato and doubless many more not as well documented all over our whenua who every day wage the fight for Māori land, language and culture to be recognised.

It is time for all of this country to get ‘woke’ to Māori sovereignty. Perhaps one day, like the waiata of our prophet Mere Rikiriki Māori will awaken to ” Haruru ana te rongopai nei” until then it is as our last generation of Ngā Tama Toa asserted in the 70’s taken from the rangatira of Maniapoto “Ka whawhai tonu matou!”

(Pictured Above L-R 2nd Pat Hakaraia, Ratu Tibble, Leo Koziol, Dame Gaylene Preston, Renae Maihi, Rob Mokaraka, Hinemoa Awatere, Heperi Mita, Katie Wolf, Becs Arahanga, Suzanne Tamaki: Source: Meriana Johnsen NZ Herald)

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