Moana Jackson and the Force of 10

‘…..whakapapa (Family ancestry) is a series of never-ending beginnings…” Moana Jackson

Inspiring, uplifting, the ten ethics Moana Jackson presents are a powerful force for change in 2016 and beyond. Made in his speech to He Manawa Whenua Indigenous Research Conference 2013 as below on video, it’s perfect year start to ‘never-ending beginnings.’

It’s a glorious, hot, summer holiday start. We’re not a religious or overly Christmas focused whanau (family). Pressies, Santa  are for the kids, but kai (food) is for everyone!cropped-cricket-xmas-2015.jpg


We headed outside, on the lawn, down to the parks and beach for cricket, swimming and then MORE kai (food)!

I had made a half-pie list of all the podcasts, links, articles and books to read that I had wanted to catch up on from 2015 never actually intending to look at any of them!

So I was rapt that upon retreating indoors from the heat that the very first one on my list that I watched,  the brilliant and remarkable Moana Jackson was awesome. His speech is the antidote to all the usual ‘end of year’ palaver that gets put about.

Moana Jackson presents ten ethics as a gift, not a framework, or in any way locked in, for his audience, the indigenous researchers.

  1. The ethic of prior thought
  2. The ethic of moral or right choice
  3. The ethic of imagination
  4. The ethic of change
  5. The ethic of time
  6. The ethic of power
  7. The ethic of courage
  8. The ethic of honesty
  9. The ethic of modesty
  10. the ethic of celebration

These ethics are such a powerful force that we could ALL do with a little bit of transformative change in 2016!

An added bonus is you also get a glimpse via a somewhat lengthy introduction to the legendary Dr Ngahuia Awekōtutku Māori, feminist, takatapuhi (two-spirited) academic and activist. Thanks to, Associate Professor Leonie Pihama, Director of Te Kōtahi Research Institute and her team for recording and ensuring this speech is available on-line for all to share. `

Yes, Moana’s speech is from 2013 and before you say ‘Ngāti Tūreiti!’ (latecomer!) Moana also notes very eloquently here, that rather than making being late or on ‘Māori time’ the negative western notion that it is that as indigenous holders of prior thought (Ethic #1 !!) Māori are to regard time as just like whakapapa(family ancestry),  ‘ a series of never-ending beginnings..

Happy never-ending beginnings to you all!





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